DAS / In-Building

Wireless systems are the most essential and quickly evolving components of the telecommunications industry. As wireless devices become faster and smarter, so must the wireless systems through which they operate. The demand for ubiquitous wireless service is higher than ever and only increasing. As telecommunications professionals, we have the experience and capabilities to ensure quality and efficiency for our clients’ wireless networks. Our engineers are iBwave Level 2 and 3 certified and bring a variety of engineering experience to your project. Whether it’s iDAS, oDAS, underground or above-ground, we provide complete turnkey services to develop and maintain your in-building system.


Customize a DAS system unique to your needs and network requirements.


Make your design concept a reality, managing your project from start to finish.


Assist you in purchasing equipment and tools for your network.


Work with FCC to ensure proper licensing and registration for your network.


Mitigate interference issues by performing studies and implementing solutions.


Perform RF tests and studies to diagnose existing and future problems.