As expert telecommunications engineering consultants, our experience ranges across a broad spectrum of radio frequency and network design/build services. We design, enhance and maintain your system to ensure compatibility with today’s most popular networks while preparing you for tomorrow’s technology. Our services include planning, implementation, system migration and spectrum management for wireless systems. We have a full set of drive test and field data collection tools and services to help plan and optimize your network design and system performance. We ensure FCC and/or FAA compliance with all our services.


Develop methods to help your network run smoothly 24/7.


Perform RF tests and studies to diagnose existing and future problems.


Mitigate interference issues by performing studies and implementing solutions.


Work with FCC to ensure proper licensing and registration for your network.


Follow your project from start to finish, taking care of all your needs along the way.


Seamlessly integrate your iDAS and oDAS systems for optimal wireless transition.​