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V‑COMM Commissioned As Testing Vendor For CTIA In Response To FCC 600 MHz Band Proceeding

Cranbury, NJ (February 9, 2015) — On Feb 4, CTIA – The Wireless Association filed comments with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) concerning its 600 Megahertz (MHz) band proceeding. V‑COMM played a vital role in this proceeding as CTIA’s selected vendor to study and test the impact of Part 15 Unlicensed Operations and Part 74 Low Power Auxiliary Stations on commercial mobile broadband service in the repurposed 600 MHz band.

CTIA and its members commissioned V‑COMM to perform testing on commercial mobile broadband devices to assess the impact of unlicensed white spaces devices and wireless microphones operating in the 600 MHz duplex gap and guard bands. The testing includes the impacts from receiver blocking, intermodulation and out-of-band emissions, and provides a quantitative analysis of the interference expected from the proposed 600 MHz band operations.

Based on V‑COMM’s extensive testing and analysis, CTIA offered the FCC a clear understanding of 600 MHz band interference environment and provided a framework for unlicensed TV white space devices and wireless microphones to operate while ensuring licensed commercial mobile broadband services are protected from harmful interference.

“We were pleased to be chosen by CTIA to perform this important testing,” said Dominic Villecco, president of V‑COMM. “This testing in the comments provided by CTIA will help shape the future of spectrum utilization for the wireless industry.”

V‑COMM is a leading provider of wireless engineering services, including integrated network, radio frequency, and business services, with offices in Cranbury, NJ and Exton, PA. V‑COMM delivers the needed expertise and solutions to the wireless industry and governmental agencies. V‑COMM’s engineering services includes laboratory and field testing, interference testing and analysis, design/build/optimization services for outdoor and in-building commercial mobile wireless networks.

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V-COMM is a leading provider of integrated network engineering, radio frequency engineering, and business services, with offices in Cranbury, New Jersey and Exton, PA. V-COMM delivers the needed expertise and cost-effective solutions to governmental agencies and wireless operators. V-COMM also provides design and design/build services for In-building, In-tunnel and other wireless telecommunications networks. For more information, visit our website www.vcomm-eng.com.

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