iBwave Certified Experts

Complex indoor communication networks require best-in-class engineering solutions.

Our team of master iBwave engineers bring the highest technical certifications to every project.

iBwave’s software solutions are used by RF engineers to design in-building wireless networks. Engineers who earn a Level 1, 2, or 3 iBwave certifications have the necessary credentials to tackle the most complex projects for the indoor wireless industry.

While many people know iBwave and are trained at Level 1, V-COMM is fortunate to have a full team of engineers with iBwave Level 2 and Level 3 certifications (along with iBwave Public Safety certified staff), to help with challenging projects.

To earn iBwave certification, an engineer must demonstrate a mastery of iBwave Design Enterprise to better manage in-building network design projects. These iBwave-certified engineers understand in-building wireless network projects, site surveys, and the fundamentals of testing.

Achieving this certification enables V-COMM to maximize performance using best practices in network design based on the specific requirements for mission-critical applications.

When you’re ready to finally fix your in-building wireless problems, contact the iBwave certified experts at V-COMM!