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V‑COMM was founded in 1995 by President Dominic Villecco and Vice President David Stern. Our executive leadership has more than 75 years’ combined experience in engineering, followed by a group of professional, certified employees. V‑COMM is comprised of three departments: Network Engineering, Radio Frequency (RF) Engineering, and Business Services. We have many past and present clients across multiple industries including Carrier, Government, Transportation, Enterprise, Education, and Healthcare.

“V-COMM’s expertise in wireless telecommunications design and validation testing services provided significant support to the successful commissioning of the New York City subway cellular network. Their breadth and depth of wireless network experience in unique DAS networks and environments make them an excellent partner to our design and certification teams across multiple projects.”
Melinda White | CEO Transit Wireless
Transit Wireless

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V‑COMM is a leading provider of integrated engineering services for the wireless and public safety industries.

We perform our services across the United States and our work demands extend internationally. At V‑COMM, we engineer our clients’ networks for high performance and go wherever our services are needed.

Our Expert Leadership Team

Dominic Villecco


Dominic Villecco has more than 35 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. As V‑COMM’s founder and president, he has led the company from two employees to more than 50, with two main offices on the East coast. He is a qualified expert witness in telecommunications engineering in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Michigan. He has also testified in Federal court on behalf of the FCC and US Department of Justice in two high-profile cases. Prior to founding V‑COMM in 1995, Mr. Villecco led all engineering efforts for Comcast Cellular Communications, Inc. and Comcast International Holdings. As former Director of Engineering for American Cellular Network Corporation (AMCELL), he helped design the first regional cellular network in the United States with propriety automatic call delivery among independent carriers. Mr. Villecco’s expertise provides a positive impact upon his clients’ growth rates and their ability to secure financing from key vendors. Mr. Villecco previously served as Vice Chairman on the Board of Advisors for Drexel University’s Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, and received the Distinguished Alumnus Award in 2001. He also served as Chairman of the Technical Subcommittee for the Association of Public Safety Officials-International, Inc. (APCO) Region 28 and its 700 MHz initiatives. Mr. Villecco is recognized as a telecommunications expert by the FCC and the US Department of Justice. He is President of the Board of Trustees for the New Jersey Wireless Association (NJWA).

David Stern

Vice President of RF Engineering

With more than 35 years in telecom engineering, Mr. Stern is an expert in all wireless transmission formats: OFDM, TDMA, CDMA, GSM, 3G, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, P25, and wireless data technologies. As a V‑COMM executive, Mr. Stern was a key driver in launching the first PCS network in New York City. In addition, he directed V‑COMM in redesigning networks in several top-ten markets, improving network performance and increasing network capacity 150 percent. Mr. Stern oversaw the upgrade of a number of public safety networks including vendor RFP’s, network design, equipment specifications, and project management.

Before joining V‑COMM, Mr. Stern directed the implementation of emerging digital technologies, test and evaluation of pre-commercial CDMA, and the testing and execution of a CDPD data solution for Comcast Cellular Communications, Inc. Previously, as Program Manager for Motorola, Inc., he was responsible for new systems and growth product implementation in the entire New York/New Jersey/Philadelphia region. Mr. Stern currently sits on the technical committees for APCO’s Regions 8 and 28, providing guidance for frequency planning, 700 MHz usage, and interference issues.