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V-COMM Awarded Contract, New Tower Build For Public Safety Radio System in Cumberland County, NJ


Cranbury, NJ (November 1, 2019)—V-COMM, a leading telecommunications engineering firm, was hired by Cumberland County, New Jersey to help enhance the County’s proposed 700 megahertz (MHz) Project 25 (P25) system and build a new wireless communications tower in Port Norris, located in Commercial Township, New Jersey.

V-COMM previously helped Cumberland County with new towers in Maurice River Township and Lawrence Township as part of a plan to migrate the County’s first responders to the Public Safety Interoperable Communications (PSIC) network.

“Several years ago, we developed a plan for the County to work with the State of New Jersey to develop an interoperable communications network with up-to-date features needed by first responders,” said Dominic Villecco, president of V-COMM. “It’s great to be a part of the effort to bring advanced communications to the first responders in Cumberland County.”

“Our plan all along was to develop a joint network with New Jersey,” said Gabe Scarpa, Director of 911 for Cumberland County. “The new tower in Port Norris is another step in the right direction to developing a reliable and robust radio communications system for first responders.”

“Several years ago, Cumberland County embarked on a plan developed by former Public Safety Director James Matlock to deliver high-quality radio communications for our first responders,” said Joe Derella, Freeholder Director of Cumberland County. “This new tower is yet another significant investment the County is making to achieve that vision.”

Deputy Freeholder Director and Public Safety Co-Liaison Darlene Barber explained, “Our first responders have done a wonderful job with an outdated network, but now is the right time to make an investment in the type of communications platform to handle today’s threats to public safety.”

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