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V‑COMM Assists With Next Stage of P25 Phase 2 Public Safety Network for Burlington County, New Jersey

Cranbury, NJ (May 20, 2014)—V‑COMM, an industry-leading telecommunications engineering firm, has been engaged by Burlington County, NJ to implement the next stage of its planned 700 MHz P25 Phase Two Public Safety network. V‑COMM’s services include system design, microwave design, site development, engineering specifications and project management.

P-25 Phase 2 Public Safety Network for Camden NJ

V‑COMM ASSISTS WITH P-25 PHASE 2 PUBLIC SAFETY NETWORK FOR CAMDEN COUNTY, NEW JERSEY. Camden, New Jersey (May 7, 2013)— V‑COMM, a leading New Jersey based telecommunications engineering firm, assists Camden County, NJ in launching its new 700/800 MHz P-25 Phase 2 Public Safety Radio Network. V‑COMM provided independent design, radio frequency acquisition and technical specification services to Camden County.

V‑COMM Instrumental in New York City Subway DAS Launch for Transit Wireless

V‑COMM INSTRUMENTAL IN NEW YORK CITY SUBWAY DAS LAUNCH FOR TRANSIT WIRE. Times Square, New York City (May 3, 2013)—V‑COMM, a leading New Jersey based telecommunications engineering firm, assisted Transit Wireless in launching its New York City subway DAS network. V‑COMM provided independent design review and system certification services to Transit Wireless.

V‑COMM Engineer, Mike Webster Completes CCNA Certification

V‑COMM ENGINEER, MIKE WEBSTER, Completes CCNA Certification. Cranbury, NJ (January 20, 2012) – V‑COMM is happy to congratulate Senior Network Engineer, Mike Webster, on completion of his testing and certification as a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA®). Mike, who started at V‑COMM as a co-op while attending Drexel University, joined the company as a full-time employee in 2005 as an associate engineer upon graduation.