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MissionCritical Published V‑COMM President’s Article on New Jersey 911 Fee Diversion

Cranbury, NJ (July 15, 2016)—Dominic Villecco, president of V‑COMM, an industry-leading telecommunications engineering firm, wrote an article for RadioResource Media Group’s MissionCritical Communications magazine addressing the diversion of 911 fees for the State of New Jersey.

The article, titled “Where Do Your 9-1-1 Fees Go?” dives head-first into the details of the State’s 911 fee diversion, revealing the numbers and data as proof. The article is located on pages eight to 13 of MissionCritical’s July issue.

Dominic has been personally pursuing this state-wide issue for eight years. After he was appointment chair of the Public Safety Committee for the New Jersey Wireless Association (NJWA) he discussed the matter with the Association and pushed the issue forward with high priority. Now serving as the vice president of NJWA, Dominic is backed by more than 1,900 members of NJWA. Together, Dominic and NJWA have filed four FCC annual proceedings to bring attention to the problem and have taken steps to educate state legislators and congressional representatives on the issue.

“I am delighted to see the traction this issue is getting,” said Dominic. “This problem affects everyone, not just those working in the telecommunications industry. The State adds 90 cents to your phone bill every month to allegedly fund 911 dispatch centers and emergency services, yet there is virtually no funding allocated to these departments.”

Click here to read the article on RadioResource’s MissionCritical Communications online.

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