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V‑COMM Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Cranbury, NJ (February 12, 2016)—V‑COMM, an industry-leading telecommunications engineering firm, celebrates its 20th anniversary for the year 2016.

V‑COMM was founded in 1995 by President Dominic Villecco and Vice President David Stern, and launched its first office in Warminster, PA. Three years later, V‑COMM opened its second office in Cranbury, NJ. Today, V‑COMM operates out of two offices—Cranbury, NJ and Exton, PA—with more than 30 employees. The company’s executive leadership has more than 75 years’ combined experience followed by a group of professional, certified employees.

V‑COMM began working with its earliest clients building PCS networks in Lancaster, PA and New York City. Today, V‑COMM works with all the major wireless carriers on various engineering projects as well as governmental and public safety clients in Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and other locations around the country. V‑COMM has become the wireless communication specialist in transit venues including subways in New York City, Philadelphia and alongside the Northeast Corridor. V‑COMM also represents many clients, including CTIA, in high-profile FCC proceedings.

“Twenty years ago, we set out with a promise to engineer our clients’ networks for maximum, high-quality performance. Today, we continue to fulfill that promise with the same level of dedication and passion we did when we started the company,” said Villecco. “We could not have been as successful as we are today without the continued support from all our clients and colleagues throughout the years, and we are fortunate to attract high-quality engineers on staff. For these efforts, we would like to thank everyone greatly.”

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V-COMM is a leading provider of integrated network engineering, radio frequency engineering, and business services, with offices in Cranbury, New Jersey and Exton, PA. V-COMM delivers the needed expertise and cost-effective solutions to governmental agencies and wireless operators. V-COMM also provides design and design/build services for In-building, In-tunnel and other wireless telecommunications networks. For more information, visit our website www.vcomm-eng.com.

For more information, contact Gina Villecco at (609) 655-1200 or email Gina at gina.villecco@vcomm-eng.com.